I am active in contributing to, initiating and spearheading language revitalisation activities. I do this by using audio‑visual media, and by producing literacy material to foster reading habits and to improve access to health information in the communities where I conduct my research.

I am passionate about using my academic linguistic research to contribute to language development and language revitalisation. My outputs include:

  • Designing an orthography to contribute to the ongoing literacy programme for the languages of Senegal.
  • Publishing a humorous folktale (Jajjamen) in Eegimaa  to encourage and foster reading habits among children and adults.
  • Organising and hosting the Effalah radio show in Eegimaa, and training another native speaker (Nestor Diatta) to continue the programme. The radio programme aimed at increasing the visibility of the language in the media and contributing to the empowerment of the community.
  • Producing booklets on preventative health in collaboration with two other native speakers of Eegimaa – a physician (Dr Francis Adiorokh Diatta) and a professional illustrator (Nicolas Bassène) – providing information on the prevention of malaria and HIV.
  • Producing a booklet on numeracy in collaboration with a primary school teacher and a literacy teacher. This publication (in progress) assists in early childhood education, with a focus on  numeracy and literacy skills in their first language to facilitate adaptation to the formal school environment where the official medium of instruction is French.